Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata

Are you suffering from severe toothache? Do you want to get effective solutions from experts? Get the best treatment in Apollo Dental for all your oral health issues, including root canal. Our clinic is well-known for advanced root canal treatment. We have highly-qualified dental experts in Apollo Dental Kolkata who can carry out RCT in the safest way possible.

Root canal treatment is an effective and straightforward process for instant pain relief. We remove the infected pulp that has grown in your tooth, clean, disinfect, fill and seal the tooth. Avail easy RCT treatment from us instead of suffering from chronic tooth pain.

Our team of exceptionally proficient dentists perform RCT with utmost precision. We check the condition and extent of the damage and suggest RCT accordingly. So, if you’ve a severely damaged tooth, need not worry. Approach us and get it fixed instantly. 

Root Canal Treatment

When Do you Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Our experienced team of dentists is of the opinion that all patients should look out for these signs that suggest that it’s time for root canal.

  • If you’re experiencing severe pain that never recedes.
  • If you have cracked or chipped teeth.
  • If you’ve a lingering sensitivity of hot or cold sensation on your teeth.
  • If you have decay in your gums 
  • If you experience tenderness in your gums. 

Get Rid of Toothache through Our Advanced Root Canal Treatment

At Apollo Clinic Kolkata, we use the latest equipment and safest technologies to get authentic and flawless examination reports. Our detailed treatment procedures are done based on those reports. Therefore, the final outcome always becomes seamless for patients. 

Our dental experts perform a root canal to help you get rid of severe tooth and gum pain. The result is long-lasting and comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the most reputable healthcare units in Kolkata.
  • We have been practising dental care for several years.
  • Our clinic has highly-qualified and experienced dental surgeons.
  • We have advanced equipment and examination procedures.
  • We have efficient and friendly staff members.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our root canal treatment in and around Kolkata.

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