Nutrition and Dietetics

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Health issues such as diabetes, hypertension or atherosclerosis could be a result of poor nutrition. The Nutrition and Dietetics Centre at Apollo Clinic, Kolkata strives to establish and encourage nutritional standards and practices as an integral part of the health care service provided.

What is Nutrition and Dietetics?

Dietetics is about healthy eating practices which act as a preventive and curative means and pave the foundation for a healthier life. At Apollo Clinic Kolkata, we regularly counsel our patients about a nutritious, balanced diet that consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes for their general well-being.

Good nutrition is essential for normal organ development and function, normal reproduction, growth and maintenance of muscles and tissue, optimum activity and working efficiency, building resistance to infection and in repairing body damage or injury.

The Nutrition and Dietetics team at Apollo Clinic, Kolkata aims to improve the clinical, biochemical, cellular and psychological status of individuals experiencing complications or side effects of various treatments by providing adequate nutrition and related information.

What is the first step?

The first step is to know the signs and symptoms of poor nutrition. The decrease in energy levels and lethargy, slow recovery and frequent recurrence of disease and poor wound healing are all indicators of poor nutrition.

We, at Apollo Clinic’s Nutrition and Dietetics Centre, assess the nutritional status of an individual based on various parameters such as anthropometric measurements, biochemical indices, clinical examinations and dietary history. Dietary intervention is required after carefully considering the disease condition and nutritional status of patients. The effect of the prescribed diet plan is regularly monitored and modified in accordance with the progress made.

Counselling is the primary tool through which we disseminate dietetic knowledge. Nutrition therapy is provided with the goals of preventing or reversing nutritional deficiencies, preserving lean body mass, helping patients tolerate treatment better, minimising treatment side effects and complications, maintaining strength and energy, boosting immunity, decreasing the risk of infection, aiding recovery and healing and maximising the quality of life. We prescribe customised individual diet cards after considering the medical, social and physiological conditions of the individual so that he/she can take care of his/ her medical problems scientifically.

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At our Nutrition and Dietetics Centre, we aim to deliver only the best quality of nutrition counselling. Our team comprises of professionals who are Masters in Clinical Nutrition with at least six months’ internship from a multispecialty hospital. We are extremely passionate and consistently go the extra mile to stay relevant and revolutionary in the field of clinical nutrition, which has helped us adopt innovations and technologies with ease.

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