Medical conditions that affect the kidney have seen a marked increase in occurrence over the last few years. Studies* indicate that approximately 17% of urban India is currently affected by some form of kidney-related ailment, with many more cases surfacing daily. At Apollo Clinic Kolkata, our team of experienced Nephrologists work round-the-clock to ensure that you are correctly diagnosed and receive prompt medical attention and treatment. With best-in-class treatment procedures and a fully equipped Nephrology Centre, we are well-placed to make sure that you get the best treatment, at the right time.

What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of kidney function, as well as the treatment and management of kidney problems faced by adults and children. At Apollo Clinic’s Nephrology Centre, we treat over 6000 new cases each year. Our experienced team of specialists provide care across all nephrology treatment categories, ranging from commonly faced disorders like kidney stones to extreme medical cases like kidney failure.

What is the first step?

At our Nephrology Centre, the diagnosis of nephrological disorders begins with a physical examination and medical history, followed by specific tests such as:

Urinalysis – A sample of urine is examined for possible kidney problems, which may be suggested by the presence of various substances such as blood, protein, pus cells or cancer cells

Blood tests – Basic blood tests are used to test for concentration of haemoglobin, platelets, sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, urea, creatinine, calcium, magnesium, or phosphate in the blood (all these substances may be affected by a kidney disorder or an underlying systemic issue affecting kidneys)

Imaging tests – Tests such as ultrasonography, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan, angiography or scintigraphy are used to identify structural abnormalities of the kidneys.

Biopsy – For a definitive diagnosis, a biopsy of the kidney may be prescribed; a core biopsy needle is inserted into the kidney to draw a small sample of kidney tissue which is then analysed for any changes occurring within the kidney or in response to a treatment   

How can we help you?

Depending on the diagnosis of your condition, our team of experts will choose from a number of nephrology treatment procedures. While these may vary from case to case, commonly prescribed nephrological treatments include medications, blood products, surgical interventions, dialysis, kidney transplant and plasma exchange.

Our Nephrology treatment plans also include psychological support, health education and advanced care planning as kidney problems significantly impact the length and quality of life. In cases where intensive care may be required, our medical practitioners may suggest specific treatment procedures. Conditions that require this include:

Chronic kidney disease – Treatments include avoidance of substances toxic to kidneys such as radiologic contrast and non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, antihypertensives, diet and weight modification.

Impaired kidney function – While stimulating agents may be given to ensure adequate production of red blood cells, activated vitamin D supplements and phosphate binders may also be given to combat the effects of kidney failure on bone metabolism

Autoimmune and inflammatory kidney disease – These conditions may be treated with immunosuppression (reduction of the activation of the immune system), by monoclonal antibodies or by blood products such as intravenous immunoglobulin; a process known as plasma exchange wherein infected plasma is replaced by good plasma or a plasma substitute may also be used in treatment.

End-stage kidney failure – While Dialysis is an artificial method of replacing some kidney function to prolong life, another form of treatment for kidney failure is a kidney transplant wherein a healthy kidney from a donor is inserted, and immunologic tolerance of that organ is induced with immunosuppression 

At Apollo Clinic Kolkata’s Nephrology Centre, we offer a full range of consultation services for the evaluation of patients with acute and chronic kidney and renal diseases. Kidney biopsies, critical care nephrology, hemodialysis, nocturnal and short daily dialysis, peritoneal dialysis are some of the areas in which we specialise.

We have a distinguished team of kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists and state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high-quality care and successful outcomes in this life-saving procedure. We provide advanced diagnostics using emerging science, new technology and improvements in pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support and post-operative care to minimise the chances of infection.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of nephrologists, certified haemodialysis technicians, qualified nutritionists and support staff continually strives to provide the best patient care to all categories of patients, from children to adults.

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