Apollo Heart Check

Regular heart health checks are essential for maintaining cardiovascular well-being. By monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and conducting electrocardiograms (ECGs), Doctors can detect potential risk factors and underlying heart conditions. Early detection allows for timely interventions and lifestyle recommendations to mitigate the risk of heart disease and related complications. Regular check-ups also facilitate the ongoing management of existing heart conditions, ensuring the effectiveness of treatment plans and providing guidance on lifestyle modifications. By prioritizing regular heart health checks, individuals can proactively maintain their cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of cardiac events.

Apollo Heart Check recommended for people with symptoms of cardiac problems / risk factors / above 40 years

  • Cardiac Stress Analysis (TMT)
  • Echo Cardiogram
  • Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)
  • Specialist Consultation
  • Cardiologist Consultation
  • Diet Counselling

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