Corporate Services

Corporate Services

  • Managed Medical Units
  • Pre-Employment Health Checks
  • Annual fitness evaluations
  • Employee Services
  • Food Handler Certifications
  • On-Site Checkups and Services

As hours spent at work increase, so do levels of employee ill health and stress. Small wonder then that healthcare today has become a major concern for all corporations.

At Apollo we pride ourselves on having addressed this area of corporate health through a range of flexible and customized options. Our healthcare delivery system is specially designed to suit employee needs.

We offer a wide range of specially designed corporate services.

These range from customized products to Apollo Sickbays, where we actually set up dedicated on-site centers at the workplace. We can, of course, tailor-make solutions that suit specific needs as we have done for our increasing list of corporate and institutional clients, including on site health checkups so your staff do not have to waste their time travelling.

Call us on 98300 41754 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 9am till 6pm to find out how we can help your organisation with your healthcare needs.

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